Embedded Systems Design

Projects are done in steps. Proceeding from vague to concrete. Each jump solidifying the knowns and reducing the unknowns. Purpose is to firmly arrive at target. This is also the purpose of VNS. Click the logo itself or here to animate the idea.


VNS is primarily an assisting party in the area of Embedded Systems Design, extending the R&D departments of a variety of companies in the industrial arena and giving support during the development of new hardware products.


The fundamental offer of VNS is to act as co-designer having a central focus on system approach. Nevertheless, the core activity is in software design. Virtually any technical software issue can be brought up for a genuine solution, says experience.


Integration of hardware and software and connectivity for products in domain specific domains. This is where VNS intends to function as a reliable, friendly and delivering partner, targetting systematic reinforcement of any involved project team.

Puzzle Boards

Design of an embedded system often requires a whole lot of different hardware decisions to meet the many relevant needs and expectations, to address issues and aspects that even may conflict, even when they look alike. Whatever the approach, it can be a puzzling affair to meet all requirements. The image below is a photo of a bunch of development boards, then graphically applied to a fabric of woven bands, then cut up in sections to get randomly shuffled for a while for the puzzling effect. Click the image itself or here to start the animation.

Code Maze

All embedded systems run software. This is why they are called 'embedded'; for an invisible computing part. The lore of software is no longer really obscure as most people these days know to some extend about how to find a way in our world of code and pixels. Nevertheless, the creation of effective and unfailing embedded software requires knowledge, experience, craft and persistence. It also may be like finding a way through a maze of possiblities. Below is Kruskal's algorithm building a passable maze. Click the image itself or here to start the animation.